Let’s Dish

Julian Schnabel's Pink Palazzo

The Oscars are tomorrow–each year the films get less interesting, if that’s possible.

  1. Didn’t love No Country For Old Men…one-dimensional & too violent, even for me–although I have always liked the Coen Bros. What happened here? They weren’t working from their own material.
  2. Julian Schnabel for Best Director? No to The Diving Bell & The Butterfly. Interesting premise but the ultra depressing theme was a real problem for me. I think he is a masterful painter & I loved Schnabel’s work at the Gramercy Park Hotel & the pink (more Etruscan red, no?) palazzo. He’s daring & could make a great movie if he finds the right project?
  3. Marion Cotillard deserves to win Best Actress, although I didn’t like La Vie En Rose….just a lame French film.
  4. Can’t wait for Miley Cyrus and The Rock as presenters!!! WOW!
  5. I do think they both are really funny.

Turning to the debates. In Texas, Hillary would not shut-up & answer a question asked by the handsome guy from Univison…she just yammered on w/ her own agenda. Is that presidential? Would she do that with Putin? She’s gone from saying she has 35-years experience to saying she has 15. I guess that means 7-yrs. in the Senate & that SHE’S CO-OPTING BILL CLINTON’S 2 TERMS AS PRESIDENT. I’M SUPPORTING BARACK OBAMA!