Dolly Parton, Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus…this country.
Our once great nation has sunk to unprecedented lows. Under the “guidance” of Geo. W Bush: we have a tanking economy; upcoming space missions will be ON A RUSSIAN SPACECRAFT (we can’t afford our own: we are at war, remember); crumbling infrastructure & a television characterHannah Montana–played by Miley Cyrus, cute and talented young daughter of achy-breaky Billy Ray Cyrus is the nation’s top concert draw.

UPDATE YEARS LATER: My take on the real Miley’s so-called “scandalous and controversial” VMA performance all these years later in 2013: she’s funny, can sing and I like her a lot. If her act had been on SNL no one would have objected, or paid much attention. I think she’s an original.