Talk about growth investments,

Justine CrawfordI spoke w/ Paul Morrissey today. Of course a major topic was the big news—the sale of his Montauk property to Mickey Drexler, the guy from J. Crew, formerly of The Gap, for $28.000.000. REAL real estate. It was originally just a very funky fishing lodge for rich people, bought for $200,000 in the early Seventies. Still very funky cottages but great beachfront. Won’t be funky for long. Naturally it doesn’t hurt the value that it was an Andy Warhol property; although Paul did find the place and always loved it. I don’t think Andy was ever interested in it…he rarely went there. But the Montauk place was where Andy took Liz Taylor (I remember she was w/her hairdresser) to ask her if she’d star in BAD. He “popped the question” & she turned him down flat.
Paul said his super chic niece, Marisa Crawford‘s daughter, Justine, is now in Vogue. She’s 13 going on 14 and a terrific student. Bruce Weber is working w/ her. That’s great. For years now all the models seem to be from former Soviet-bloc countries.
I like Tyra’s talk show. She has real personality and spirit. I never got O., but have never really seen the show. My mother says she’s compassionate.