Naomi Campbell’s Greatest Hits…

Naomi Campbell and Doronin
Naomi Campbell and Vladimir Doronin

Everyone will agree that Naomi Campbell is one of the greatest models, but, as a person–perhaps not so much? In the last few months she has been in the news many times: slugging her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin’s limo driver; hitting a camera as she walked off an interview when queried about receiving a blood diamond from Liberian despot Charles Taylor; rumors of her engagement to Vlad; and, now, an upcoming Oprah appearance to clear the air. Who can forget the thrown phones, the run-in with Heathrow cops, Tyra crying that Naomi tried to ruin her career, street-cleaning sentences and anger-management rehab. And that she dated Mike Tyson a million midnights ago? A Daniel Craig look-alike, Doronin has been seeing Naomi for two years, so I guess it doesn’t faze him. He sat in the audience, with Campbell’s mother, to lend support during the Oprah taping. I must see that show.

UPDATE from Oprah: The drugs, the tantrums, the tears–and her new life in Moscow–were all addressed. She came off very well: I believe Naomi’s story of trying to be a better soul!

Speaking of powerful, blonde Russian men named Vladimir, what about Russia’s beleaguered gays now laying claim to Putin after the appearance of his beefcake photos ?