A Dangerous Place…..

Looking Down Hollywood Blvdthat’s Hollywood–it always has been. Beware of what you dream in the seductive, golden town.
The apparent double suicide of “It” couple, artist Jeremy Blake & writer/ filmmaker/ blogger, Theresa Duncan, is very sad & the odd, mysterious story has yet to fully unfold. It has all the trappings: beautiful, highly-achieved & highly-ambitious people; dashed Hollywood dreams; alleged Scientology tie-ins.
Until early this year, when the pair moved back to NY, they lived, like I, at Venice Beach.I didn’t know them-never heard of them–but apparently a longtime friend of mine, Glenn O’Brien, was their close friend. Blake & Duncan spent their last weekend at Glenn’s country house & he was asked by Jeremy Blake to make the final postmortem entry on Theresa Duncan’s blog. Blake followed his mate into death–days later.
I wonder what their suicide notes said? I wonder about so many things here…
I’ll stay tuned.