Now Available! MICKY COHEN:The Life & Crimes of L.A.’s Notorious Mobster

My revelatory L.A. underworld book, seen from the angle of Mickey Cohen, Hollywood’s outrageous mob boss, will be released May 1, 2012. An incredible story, covering six decades, it’s packed with juicy revelations, and steaming historical shockers about the likes of RFK, Nixon, Rev. Billy Graham, as well as countless stars (Sinatra, Marilyn, Lana Turner and her lover from Cohen’s gang – who ends up dead in her bedroom – even Shirley Temple), as well as iconic mobsters like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky.

But what next? With the death of Elizabeth Taylor I though about meeting her in Monte Carlo. She was still amazingly beautiful – and very funny. Maybe a simple book, using silent-screen diva Louise Brooks‘ sublime bestseller LULU IN HOLLYWOOD as a template. It’s just eight short and intimate stories about people from her life. I could recall Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison, Elizabeth Taylor, Fellini and a few more mega-legends…capturing my impressions of these icons up close.

Elizabeth Taylor nude
Elizabeth Taylor

Louise Brooks
Louise Brooks

UPDATE: I don’t want to write another book.