Broadcasting From “The Museum Of Pop Culture”

is a special edition of one of my favorite shows, The Soup. What to do for guilty pleasure on a lazy July day? Catch up w/ all the shows you carefully avoided in the 1st half of the year w/ the hilarious Joel McHale. He takes you on a subversive trip through televisionland w/ “The Best of the Worst, ’07, Parts 1 & 2” on E!
It feels like we are in a warp-speed version of ancient Rome. The barbarians clearly have crossed the Rubicon & we the Tigris…..then there are these home-grown barbarians that appear on reality shows.
Chyna Doll just walked by in the alley. I can’t believe I can recognize her…. I’m not sure what she does but I know how to spell her name.
I think I’ve had too much Soup.