President Obama Spoke Logic:

His primetime speech regarding the deficit and how it must be fixed was well thought out and made sense. It’s extraordinarily alarming that Congress has now reached unprecedented levels of partisan dysfunction. So much so that the country, and the world economy, could be in peril. The insane, unyielding posturing by the ultra-radical new representatives (60 Tea Party Republicans) is beyond comprehension. Unwilling to compromise, they seem willing to break the back of the average person to support tax loopholes for oil companies and those who fly in private jets. Listen to this President: Contact your Congressperson, NOW! There is no time to wait…A deal must be struck: The ceiling must be lifted, and cuts, but the proper ones, need to be enacted.

Firstly, we must recall how the debt grew…the legacy of George W. Bush, it was run up by his tax cuts, saving the financial system in 2008 after the unprecedented catastrophe created by deregulation and an opportunistic financial community (a necessary expense that Obama continued), lack of revenues in the ongoing years of fragile economy recovery – and unending wars. The wars must end…in foreign lands – & in the Beltway. That would save trillions. The President made it clear he is willing to tweak social entitlements, so the Tea Party must step up.