World’s Worst Offender…

Date Palm from Brooklyn Museum

Huge carbon clouds, blk & dirty, are floating all over the world. They’re from the industrial mess in China. During the mid-90s I spent time there, in my incarnation as fashion designer. They put their best faces on when doing business. Constantly In the company of young English-speaking translators & execs–smart, funny, curious– during downtime I would be taken to non-stop 10-course meals at exotic restaurants. Working in an industrial zone, on a few occasions I saw the mess hidden behind the factories. The Chinese are ravenous–they can’t get enuff of Western lifestyle!!! Economic growth has been the ticket out of poverty and isolation. The pollution caused by China is a FAR GREATER PROBLEM than imagined. It will come home to roost. A free Tibet & pollution safeguards will not happen!!! & THE CO-DEPENDENT RELATIONSHIP W/ THE US WILL NOT STOP!!!

Moving on to LA. The million trees Mayor Villaraigosa proposes for LA are not the iconic palm (HIS PEOPLE said nix) but dirty, disease-prone sycamores. I’ve lived w/ both. Palms are it! Someone w/ an “in” & a million sycamores probably got a sweet city contract??? No???

A nod to giants: Clorox bought Bert’s Bees & opened GreenWorks, a new mass-market environmentally friendly product line; Google is bankrolling renewable energy R&D.