I Love Paris In The Summer When It Sizzles – & NY

jennifer-lopez-puerto-rican-day-parade NY 2007New York: Stayed at the Sherry-Netherland. It now has only 40 rooms that aren’t condos. I always loved it. I think of it as the Manhattan version of the Chateau Marmont. Every classic Hollywood mogul & star stayed there.So private. It was a favorite of premiere ganglord, the real Frank Costello. The Copacabana, Costello’s legendary personal playground was around the corner. The hotel just reopened Cipriani’s in the tiny lobby. What a scene. On the day of the Puerto Rican Day Parade we stayed in & watched from our air-conditioned aerie. The sound-proofed rooms were silent until the parade broke the barrier. I must say the parade was sorely lacking in creativity. They had major star power in a dressed-down J-Lo shaking her iconic booty, but there was not one interesting float. All it takes is some effort, paper & paint–creativity doesn’t take money. The waste management firms were out afterward, in full force, working “golden time” on clean up. Dined at Elaine’s, Café Boulud, Bette, Elio’s, Wallse, & a lot of lunches at Cipriani’s. NIX to Nello & their outrageously priced pasta. Loved the Neue Gallery–the privately-sponsored museum started by the Lauder cosmetics family. It’s in a glorious 1914 mansion on 86th & 5th. The show was fantastic: Van Gogh & many of his contemporaries. Small, intimate & brilliantly curated. Of course, the famous Klimt the museum recently bought was prominently featured. Even the gift shop & cafe’ are of superior quality.

Cartier MuseumIn Paris, a small group of original rock innovators were invited by the head of Cartier, Dominique-Alain Perrin, to attend the opening of the Rock n’ Roll 39-59 exhibit at the Cartier Foundation Museum. Arrived a week early to ease jet lag & hang out. We saw friends & went to the most beautiful restaurants: Art Deco–Chez Prunier and Le Boeuf sûr le Toit; in the arcade overlooking the Louvre, lunch at Café Marly w/ the lovely Gabrielle LazureLittle Richard.The opening at the Cartier Foundation Museum was great. Perrin is a cool guy, like a big-thinking American who has a passion for this music. He wants to do shows that aren’t just painting or sculpture and has already represented other forms w/ Enzo Ferrari & Jean-Paul Gaultier shows. Bravo Perrin. At the dinner party in the verdant museum garden, the magnificent Tina Turner was seated across the table and we chatted. WOW.
After dinner Little Richard put on a kick-ass show for an hr. & 1/2 ! He looked & sounded incredible—& what a band.
Back to LA. I was dining on the sidewalk at La Luna in Larchmont when a tiny impeccable man came over & started talking to some ladies next to me. It was Jack LaLanne, who has to be ninety-something. He not only looked unbelievably great, he has all his marbles. Bravo to the Power Juicer.