1. Fashion deity, Simon Doonan, has written that in these tough economic times luxury design houses are using devious techniques to ruin their rivals images…and, that’s how Jersey Shore‘s Snooki Polizzi got her Gucci.
2. I’m saddened that CNN no longer delivers 24/7 news. I guess to compete they need to attract the most common denominator. Their stars, Nancy Grace, and Jane Velez Mitchell certainly know how to do that!
3. The New York Times is pandering to the NY Post audience. What took them so long? They had a huge article on the Stephanie Seymour/Peter Brant divorce, and a Kardashian article that puffed their new season and spin-off, The Spin Crowd, about Hollywood publicists. The article also states that the public has been fascinated with the private lives and scandals of celebrities for more than 100 years. As if that makes it better!
4. Charlie Rose has integrity: On Sunday night, I’m watching Brian Williams’ gut-wrenching look at New Orleans, 5 years after Katrina, as discussed on Rose’s show. But I will also check out other shows, and, of course, watch MAD MEN.