Another LA Story…….

Monica Vitti in Antonioni's L'avventura I rarely find a new movie that attracts me & there’s no new music I like. The last movie I really liked Team America: World Police…& that was released years ago.
2 of my favorite classic film masters, mid-century modernist Michelangelo Antonioni, & the legendary Ingmar Bergman, just died at great ages. These men were important artists who inspired & influenced so many.
After hearing of Antonioni’s death I was in the office of my Beverly Hills orthopod. Seated next to the reception window, I overheard the name of an iconic producer. Dino De Laurentis was there w/ his leggy blonde wife. In his late-eighties, De Laurentis is the very last of a dying breed. He produced giants like Fellini, David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, as well as plenty of big commercial fare. Bravo, Dino. Entertainment is slices of verité now. The big Phil Spector murder trial of victim Lana Clarkson, here in LA, is televised. The best summer movie, I am eager to watch testimony today by action director Michael Bay & anything else they offer up. Prosecutor Alan Jackson & no-nonsense Judge Fidler are new stars!!!