Sunset Strip Blues (almost)

It was my b-day. Was exhausted. ¬†Received gorgeous orchids.¬†Sunset Tower HotelGot a great gift for my Mickey Cohen book research: the history of the Cohen tribe from an Orthodox Jewish bookstore. Considered the most elevated spiritually, the priestly Cohens are given $$$–tithe. And they can’t be around death! Wanted quiet dinner for two at the Tower Bar in the Sunset Tower Hotel. I remember what it used to look like and the renovation is good. Paul Fortune did it. The restaurant is in one of the many apartments Bugsy Siegel had all over town. Nice dark wood and lighting. There all these corny photos from the Golden Age hanging everywhere–cluttering the room. Don’t need them to invoke retro vibe. Was promised a cushy banquette w/ view of the lights of Hollywood. As always, had the most incredibe birthday dinner. Came home & watched The Soup on E! and Bill Maher.
On Sat., the neighbor said her Jag was stolen from her garage. There was a note: “Yuppie scum get out of Venice!” Really creepy. Went to La Luna for dinner & was told after 16 yrs. their lease was being tripled. Larchmont’s hot. Hope we don’t lose that restaurant. Pls no more chains in Larchmont. Don’t want it to look like Disneyland or the synthetic Grove (which is a big hit) w/ that hokey train.