It’s Only Rock & Roll?

Was watching VH1’S, MOST SHOCKING MOMENTS IN ROCK–allowed myself just one hr’s worth of landmine after landmine. One of the “most shocking moments ” was a revelation to me. I recognized my friend, Susan Blond, who was head of publicity at Epic Records, in several photos w/ Ozzy Osbourne on her lap. Susan had a black strip across her eyes for anonymity. Sharon Osborne was narrating what happened in the ” shocking moment.”

Charleston Doves

It seems Ozzy went into a meeting w/ the Epic execs, sat on Susan’s lap, then proceeded to bite the head off a dove!!! They evicted him from the building but before he was out the door he bit the head off a 2nd dove !!! SO DISGUSTING!!! I think this event took place in the main CBS building in Manhattan…..I wonder if Bill Paley was in the house? He was still alive when this happened. Anyway, all’s well that ends well, at least when commerce is involved. The album they were meeting on turned out to be a BIG SELLER!!! I hope they paid Susan a combat bonus.
Watched Scarlett Johansson hostSNL. She’s my favorite young star. Contemporary but gorgeous, like Lana Turner, in that old-time movie star way: talented, poised and she has yet to have a big public meltdown. She appears to handle fame well.

Venus playing with two doves

The SNL musical guests were a group called Death Cab For Cutie. Isn’t that a desperate name? When they came on I thought I was watching a skit. No wonder they are having sales problems in the record industry! They were another one of these groups w/ the garage band sound & inane “arty-poetic” lyrics. The lead singer looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Never mind talent and innovation, is it no longer a pre-requisite for rockers to be skinny?
I then went back to reading my sixth Bruce Wagner novel……he’s brilliant. With name-dropping aplomb & prose as hard and black as onyx, he cuts deep into the madness and pretention of the Hollywood fame game.

That most devastating game of all–the Iraq war– which has lasted longer than WWI, WWII, and the Korean War began THE FIFTH YEAR. Between Anna Nicole updates, in the the past days the Bush administration has sailed through three back-to-back scandals: fall guy Scooter Libby, Walter Reed Hospital, now Alberto Gonzales & the US Attorney. Remember Bush’s previous Attorney General, John Ashcroft, w/ his group,”The Singing Senators ?” Trent Lott was in it, remember?
And the beat goes on……..and on…….and on.