Printing Funny Money…

balinese room

that’s what the US govt. will begin doing.
Re: the economic catastrophe 2008–THE SMOKE WON’T CLEAR EASILY–& IT WAS ALL CAUSED BY GREED.
Literally as Rome burned & the market crashed, top Brit artist, Damien Hirst sold 223 works— all made in the last 2 years–at London’s Sotheby’s. Unprecedented, his clear-out sale of formaldehyded sharks & shiny butterflies ( previewed from the Hamptons to Delhi) fetched $198 million +. Is art where the billionaires are parking their spare change?

Amid the complete devastation on Galveston Island by Hurricane Ike, the old mob-owned supper/gambling club, the Balinese Room, is gone literally w/ the wind. Run by Texas Mafia boss, Sam Maceo, in the 40s& 50s you could lose your shirt there, in style. Sorta like Wall St.–but with good food & Sinatra entertaining!