The New KIds

Tony Duquette Design

Everytime I turn on PROJECT RUNWAY another design assistant from my past shows up. First was the inimitable Santino Rice, whom I met when he was working for designer Galina Sobolev at her company, SINGLE. I love Santino & he is wildly creative in many areas. Did you know he worked for Tony Duquette, legendary Hollywood genius, before he passed away in his late 80s? There is a new photo book about Tony. I want to get it!
This season there’s Sweet P. She was an assistant at BEBE when I was designing there. She’s nice enough. But– watch out–she doesn’t take criticism well! I’ve never seen her designs. Maybe she’ll surprise me! She started a business that sounded like a good idea, making funky pajamas. Apparently, it didn’t work out–but these things happen. SWEET P, GOOD LUCK!
The look by smug, fey Christian Siriano was the worst atrocity I’ve ever seen (& this show has shown me plenty). He should be arrested by the FASHION POLICE, but he makes for good television. The judges really had to hold their noses when they reviewed his design–but he’ll stay on a long while, I bet.