Brittany, bebe, and George W. Bush

I was looking at, published by Harvey Levin, a local LA tv reporter/ lawyer. I saw a piece about a pre-rehab meltdown by Britney Spears that happened in of all places, a bebe store in Miami. As former designer of bebe I want to comment on this. bebe’s heavily-diluted stock is down and so is Britney’s. Will they recover? bebe will, ultimately, because founder Manny Mashouf is too smart to let it fail. But he’s going to have to make big changes—and I don’t mean by just replacing Mischa Barton as spokesmodel. If they stop chasing trends and start making them, they can get back on track. But that won’t be easy: Too much power in the hands of managers. Get great talent and let design hold the reins, not greedy execs looking to cash out stock options. Mickey Drexler is turning around J. Crew by elevating the product without losing the base. Duh, good product = success. That goes in any field. Will Britney make a comeback? I’m sure she will. She and Michael Jackson should team up. That pairing could move poor Anna Nicole out of the tabs for a few days. Maybe it’s something about the combination of Brittany and bebe. For Brittany, maybe wearing bebe is just plain bad luck. I was designing the collection when she married her 1st husband–wearing a bebe tee shirt. Wasn’t that costly, hours-long union a sign of trouble? Re: Paris Hilton. Although the head of the snake, Ms Hilton seems to have weathered scandal better than the rest of these stupid girls. She has yet to have a big, public personal meltdown.But, with her behavior it’s like it only time before something happens. These spoiled Hollywood girls are terrible role models…but these pop culture phenoms are a godsend and great diversion for the mendacious George W. Bush White House. When these girls are splattered all over the media who notices the chicanery of this obscene administration? It’s bread and circuses.
THE IRAQ WAR HAS NOW BEEN GOING FOUR YEARS…and then there’s Afghanistan.