A Bad Night In Brazil…

Arturo GattiArturo “Thunder” Gatti, 37-yr-old boxing great, was on a “2nd honeymoon” w/ his 23-year-old wife, a former stripper from Scores in Manhattan, and infant, Jr., when he suddenly turned up dead. Said to have an intensely volatile relationship, there’s gossip that in the last few months, wifey took out a restraining order against him–yet managed to hit him w/ a lamp. The petite Brazilian brunette has been jailed & remains the only suspect in the murder mystery. Local authorities allege that the scrapper was knifed while asleep, then strangled w/ her purse strap. Done-in while asleep… this harkens to LA gang boss MICKEY COHEN‘S theory of how his boy, Johnny Stompanato, was really skewered in movie legend Lana Turner’s, bedroom!!!
On the same date as Gatti’s murder, former pro-footballer, Steve McNair, was buried — after his 20-yr. old mistress shot & killed him, then turned the gun on herself.
UPDATE: In a wild and highly controversial turn of event, the boxer’s wife was set free. Brazilian authorities ruled Arturo Gatti’s death a suicide by strangulation with the bloody handbag strap! Indeed?