Egypt:The Dignity Revolution…???

Peacefully (except when it comes to telegenic American journalists like Lara Logan, first arrested by the government, then brutally sexually assaulted by a mob after the regime’s fall, Anderson Cooper, etc.) in the streets for 18 days the masses in the square prevailed today–but martial law is now the order. Best wishes to the 80 million Egyptians (like the rest of the Mideast, the majority of the population is under 30) who have lived, in most cases, their entire lives under profound suppression and corruption. It may be a very long and winding road, but I hope the people of Egypt achieve the basic freedoms they desire and deserve! Demonstrations are spreading like wildfire throughout the region. I wonder if the people will ever get what they want/need?; Usually these things end badly, unfortunately with new faces serving up the same repression.