Bathers at Santa Monica Beach

Going Broke! The great Golden State can’t balance the budget!


  1. Good Chief Bill Bratton, in reaction to a hiring ban for the LAPD, has threatened to
    pull men out of the affluent Westside! He really knows how to play his hand!
  2. Atlanta rapper, Dolla, 21, & 2 friends were shot & killed at the Beverly Center, the fashionable Westside mall. Claiming self-defense, the accused is another Atlanta man, Aubrey L. Berry, 23. Berry’s story is not too credible: By pure chance, he encountered his foe in a men’sroom, 3,000-miles from home! Uh-Huh!
  3. BIG NEWS: A new serial killer?!!! Angeleno John Floyd Thomas Jr., now 72, was apparently quite busy in the 70s, 80s. Linked, by a DNA test given convicted sex offenders, to 2 murders–elderly women were the vics–he’s “liked” for another 6. & the total for the Scripture-quoting state worker could possibly reach as high as 30!!!
  4. LA County, the largest county, in size & population, in the country–bigger than many eastern states–also has the most polluted beaches! Swim at your own risk!
A Bankrupt, Dangerous, Dirty Place?…
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