HBO's Rome

Saw the final episode [#22] of HBO’s ROME. It went out w/ a bang! The previous installment was one of the most erotic, exotic pieces of celluloid ever, featuring a scorching coupling of Marc Antony and Cleopatra.This duo has been classic movie fodder–taken on by the likes of pioneer director, Cecil B. DeMille, & the Brangelina of their day, Liz Taylor & Richard Burton. It took ROME to turn up the heat, as well as the historical implications, in a new way. The finely crafted last installment (written by co-creator, Bruno Heller) had it all:starting w/ a scene that had an orgy in background, it ended on an epic note w/ a Triumph–Octavian Caesar’s processional through the streets of Rome. The opening credits alone are worth the price of an HBO subsciption.

McMahon - Trump

People say to me: “You love ROME; HBO’s OZ (the brilliant prison show from unsung genius, Tom Fontana), you didn’t find APOCALYPTO too violent. Can’t they soften these things up, aren’t they just too violent?” Only THE SOPRANOS seems to sneak by without comment. My response is this: ancient Rome, prison and the Mayan civilization, where human sacrifice was practiced– more violent than portrayed.
WE LIVE IN A VIOLENT CULTURE! Do I think the news media, the consumer society, the government, the unending wars, and the new duo of Vince McMahon & The Donald are violent? YES, YES, YES!

Trump & McMahon: Violent? Yes!… Erotic? Never!
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